Monday, October 19, 2009


I cannot believe I only have 35 more days to go (give or take a few)! This milestone seemed like light years away a few months ago, and now I'm here.

A few exciting/big things occurred in the last week:

1) My 34 week appointment was fairly uneventful, minus the large swab to my lady parts. No more lab tests for me! My OB said that I'm still as boring as can be so not too much to complain about. We got the cord blood banking stuff all situated and ready to go as soon as Jeffrey makes his big debut. I don't have another appt. until 36 weeks and then it's weekly from then on. 6 more maximum. Yikes.

2) We took our maternity photos yesterday! It ended up being amazing weather (very odd for Houston). Great for being outside, but it was pretty busy at the park. I'm looking forward to seeing how they turned out sometime in the next week or two!

3) House progress: It's getting there. We moved the convertible car seat and high chair (still boxed and both huge) into the attic for safekeeping until they are needed and are slowly getting everything situated. The nursery is SO CLOSE! Jony got the shelves hung, but he still has to do some touch up paint from where the screws were used. We're still waiting on the window valence and crib skirt from my mom, however, so hopefully we get those soon! We've got big plans for the coming week to whip the house into shape so that we can stop worrying about it.

4) Hospital bag= packed. I got completely overwhelmed about halfway through when I really thought about what I was doing, but I worked past it and got it done. It's now just hanging out near our door to the garage- just waiting.

I'm getting the car seat installed this week and have my last shower this weekend! Time is really getting ahead of me...


Rachel H. said...

Wow!! So are almost there! I can't believe it, today marks 99 days until our little one arrives! :)

Mrs.M... said...

Congrats Mama!!! I was so excited to hit 35/35 too! Now I only have 10 days before I get induced...CRAZY how fast it goes!!! I can't wait to see your maternity pics! I bet they came out awesome!!!

Kismet21 said...

I can't believe you are so close! I am excited to meet your little man.