Saturday, October 3, 2009

Couple's Shower

Today was an amazing day. I'm so thankful for everything, from the gifts to all who came to our shower and definitely for my mom and sister for throwing it. It was so great! We had so many people come, (and many drove in- I was in awe that they came) and we got some great gifts. We only got two duplicates, so hopefully our visit to return stuff at Target doesn't go too bad. My super awesome sister included inserts in the invites letting people know that we're not using disposables, so she did a book drive in lieu of people bringing a pack of diapers. We have SO many books now! We're going to have to really go through them to organize them by age because they can't all fit in the bookshelf! The women at my church also made a quilt that everyone signed and drew a picture on, but I don't have that yet since they wanted it to stay for tomorrow so more people could sign it. We already have birthday cards for Jeffrey's first 18 years of life that people filled out that we'll store until the designated birthday, and some people dropped some coins off in a piggy bank for his college fund! During the gift opening, to keep people entertained, my sister had created a BINGO card full of stuff that we registered (it was pretty specific since she stalked my registry, lol). It made it really fun and everyone got really into it. Once I get some pictures from my sister and mom, I'll post them. Our dining room looks like Babies R Us (or Target, actually, since that's where most people went) threw up, haha! It's awesome.

Before our shower, we went to the BIRTH Fair and got lots of great coupons and information on some local business that focus on eco-friendly children toys, clothes, and cloth diapers. BIRTH is an organization promoting natural childbirth and aspects related to that- babywearing, breastfeeding, etc. We haven't had time to really go through and see all that we got, but it's a bunch of stuff (including a cute little onesie). My OB was actually nominated for the BIRTH Person of the Year award- pretty reassuring! We couldn't stay to see if he won since we had to get to the shower.

Overall- an A+ day!

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Rachel H. said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!! I can't wait for my shower! I only have two and a half weeks left! Yay! :)