Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I need a break planning a break!

I'm full out on the search for a Mother's Day Out (MDO) program to send Jeffrey to next year. I never imagined how stressful and cut-throat this would end up being! Mainly, I just want a safe place with caring teachers that has fun activities for him to do. I want him to have a place with good friends that he has a fun time at. However, it's apparently hard to get wee ones into such things! I had a tour last week of one that is local. I liked it a lot, but I would like it to offer more additional activities since we most likely won't have Jeffrey enrolled in anything else (unless we inherit a bunch of money? ha). It's rated very high and looked well upon in the community, though, so I know that it would be a great place for him. I went to an Open House for another one this morning. Overwhelming! Talking to some of the other parents really pushed me over the stress line, which is ridiculous since it's not THAT necessary for him to be in a program. It was a great school, but I'm not sure I'm willing to get up at 3am so that my two year old has somewhere to go on Wednesdays. I'll give them a call the day before registration opens to see how many spots are left, but I'm not counting on anything. I've got one other option that is actually the church I'm a member in, and I've found a local part time Montessori program that I'm waiting on some information about.

We'll see what happens, I suppose! Hopefully, once we're in somewhere, I won't have to worry about it again until it's time for actual school. Plus, he's the only kid I'll have to "fight" for a spot. I just really want to get him in somewhere so that he's adjusted before a potential sibling comes into play, especially since I'll want some one-on-one time with #2, as well.


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