Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello There, 2011!

I'm struggling with the fact that not only was my baby not born this year, but he was not born last year either. WHAT?!? Thank goodness there is still almost a year until I have to come to terms with this for real (as in he actually turns 2).

2011 should be a pretty low-key year for us, although there will be some exciting stuff happening. Lots of travelling and hoping for another BFP towards the end of the year. We do have some big plans, though, and I've got a few resolutions for myself that I hope to keep.

1) Eat healthier: Super cliche, but we're working on going towards primarily organic/natural foods. We got a membership to Costco, so that should help. We're also looking into getting a freezer chest and buying some local  meat in bulk (also cheaper! leading us to...)

2) Get finances in order: They're not our of order, but we'd like to be saving more each month. We really looked through all of our bills and expenses last month and were able to cut quite a bit. We also each have a budget to stay under each month to keep our spending under control. Also, eating healthier (see #1) means eating more at home which should save money even if the food is more expensive. Eating out a lot has always been the biggest money suck for us.

3) Carve out some me time: I hate spending time away from Jeffrey, but I always end up hitting a wall and needing to get away since I haven't spend enough time on ME. So, I need to find a hobby or something to do just for me. Plus, it's good to have some form of identity separate from your children. I need help with this one, though, so I'm open for suggestions!

4) Get active: Since we cut our expenses by so much, there is some room in the budget to get a membership to our local YMCA. It'll be good for me, by body, and my mindset. Another plus is that there is free childcare there, so it would be some me time. I'm also getting new running shoes to go with the Nike Plus I got for Christmas.

5) Focus on the relationship: This would be about Jony and I's relationship. We're in a rut, so we've decided that we're going to do a date night out once a month (and ACTUALLY do it). Plus, we're starting up an "unplugged" night on Thursdays. No computer, no TV. We'll play games, talk, and just be together. I'm assuming this will also help with intimacy, as well.

I think most of these all overlap in some ways, so it really shouldn't be all of that difficult to maintain. If I keep up with it all, I should see improvements in all aspects of my life, and that makes me happy. Here's to 2011!

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