Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in Review

January: I nursed my way into 2010 with a 1 month old getting ready to take on the year by a storm
February: brought along the beginnings of mobility with rolling and Jeffrey's 1st Valentine's Day

March: A year after our BFP, we celebrated St. Patrick's Day, a standing (assisted) baby and begin to see that he was not as great of a sleeper as we would have hoped for
April: Amidst the TX bluebonnets, Jeffrey learned to sit and celebrated his first Easter by going to our family farm for the first time
May: It was a busy month for us: my 24th birthday, starting solids, ending my "career" at Curves and starting a new one at the church nursery, a new car and going on a big family vacation to Chicago and Michigan!
June: Just a mere month later, our little traveling (and crawling!) baby went with us on a Cruise to the Caribbean while also starting to cruise himself
July: To help cool off in the hot summer, Jeffrey took his first swimming lessons. We celebrated the 4th of July, a first tooth, a first word, first signs, a first illness and standing unassisted
August: In honor of our 2nd wedding anniversary, we got a walker!
September: The focus was on improving walking skills and starting up at The Little Gym while also celebrating  Jony's 25th birthday (which brought us all a big new TV!)

October: Our little 50s boy had a great first Halloween (and his last first holiday) after getting his first real shoes and a small trip to Austin.
November: After Thanksgiving, the birthday boy turned ONE with a birthday bash and a trip down memory lane for mommy- ending up in the hospital with mastitis 
December: Officially a toddler, we celebrated the holidays and enjoyed Jeffrey's 2nd Christmas.

2011, what will you bring?

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