Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our Future Star

Jony was a baseball player. It's always been his preferred sport, and it was always one of my favorites, as well. We've had plans since pre-conception about our son being in Little League with Jony as one of his coaches. However, as Jeffrey gets older and is starting to show preferences, it's becoming more obvious that another sport might spark his interest a bit more. Soccer. He LOVES balls. Even more so, he loves to kick balls. He'll kick a ball all over the house and just follow it and kick it again. It's the best time for him. We've gotten numerous comments about it, so I guess it's not super common at his age? My dad is super excited as soccer is HIS favorite sport. Being that they share a birthday, maybe there's something to that. haha! My sister was a start soccer player and played at Baylor her first year (and then quit because it took too much time). So, I guess it's in the family. We used to go to the Houston Hotshots games when I was younger, and I always had a good time. I can definitely see our future changing to be more soccer than baseball. And, I'm getting excited about it.

1. It's a timed sport. You know when the game will end. Nice.
2. It's a bit more interesting to watch than other sports
3. Soccer players are usually pretty nice to look at (Every mom wants her son to be attractive!)
4. If he goes pro, he could bring in some major bucks, especially in Europe.

The biggest con, though? The season is during the cold months. Thankfully, we live in Houston.

Of course, we'll let him take whatever direction he wants to go (I'd be even MORE thrilled if he went a theatre route), but it's pretty fun to think about being an actual soccer mom for now.

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