Friday, December 3, 2010

Verbal Explosion

It's gotten loud in our house. Apparently, he's worked out the kinds in his mobility (stomping, dancing, walking backwards, balancing on one leg and running) and is now moving towards his verbal skills. He is picking them up SO fast. It has been amazing to see this little boy learn so quickly, especially remembering how he used to never even make any sounds for the most part! Signing? Whoa. We cannot keep up with him on his signs. He's also doing so well with animal noises. It is SO MUCH fun! My favorite times are sitting with his big pile of books (because book shelves? Those are for loser kids. Books look much more awesome scattered about the floor) and pointing (both of us) and labeling, making noises, signing, etc. You really cannot beat those moments.

Some of his new words:
-llama (from the llama llama series- he always says it twice like the book, haha)

Animal sounds he can imitate:
-lion (his favorite!) and any other roaring animal (bear, tiger, etc.)
-fish- because apparently fish roar, as well. This was new to me.


Lil'Misa said...

WTG Jeffery! I wsih I could hear his roars. :)

mrs.g said...

we need a video!!