Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ball go Bye-Bye

I went to the park this morning to meet with some fellow moms, which is something that I look forward to every month. The moms do things that are a lot like me, and it's nice to just be able to relax and talk about your life/parenting without having to explain that it's not strange. Today was no different. Jeffrey was having a fabulous time eating rocks and throwing dirt with some of the other little boys, and I was enjoying some adult conversation. When I went to get my camera to capture my little boy covered in dirt with smudges all over his face and his mouth area completely covered, I noticed that it had happened. Jeffrey's beloved ball, a Gertie knobbed ball, was gone. It had been sitting right by my diaper bag by the table that we all had our stuff on. I was so upset.

See, when we first got to the park, Jeffrey was kicking and playing with the ball when these three older children came and TOOK HIS BALL! Like it was no issue, they ran off and started playing with it. Their nanny was right behind him, and I was expecting her to say something, and my 12 month old could have his ball back. Nope. So, I went and took it back. I have no doubts that these little hooligans stole my baby's ball. They were gone by the time I noticed. Ugh.

1. How do you take a ball from a toddler?!?
2. How do you, as a nanny, let that happen? Do you just assume that they created the ball in mid-air when they got into the car with it? Way to teach them a lesson and be a good caretaker...

It bothers me way more than it should, but I just can't wrap my head around how the nanny would let this happen. Thankfully, we have another one at home since it's his favorite toy ever. That doesn't change the confused face on my little boy when he started asking to play with his ball before we left, and it wasn't there.

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