Sunday, December 19, 2010

13 months!

We are entering into the era of communication. He's really picking up signs very quickly and is slowly increasing his actual vocabulary.It is so easy to figure out what he wants about 90% of the time, which is really helpful as the independence really starts showing up. He wants to do everything himself and gets pretty frustrated when he can't or if we won't let him. He's gotten really good at the whine, the pout and the starting of tantrums. Overall, though, he has been ridiculously fun to play with and be around. He's so silly and is almost always laughing and smiling. His "cheese" smile for the camera about kills me each time. I love the continually growing personality of this little dude.

13 month stats:

  • 21 lbs and 30.5 inches
  • wearing primarily 12 month clothes with some 18 month (like pants) and a sprinkling of 9 month
  • With the exception of last week, sleep has been pretty consistent. Asleep about 9pm, a waking about 4/5am and then up for the day about 8am. Not bad. Naps have been all over the place, but they've been super long when he finally goes down. I think that can be contributed to all of the holiday bustle, though.
  • He's loving his food and has been eating a TON lately. We've been introducing the fork and now he always has to put the food on the fork before he eats it. 
  • still just the 4 teeth, but I see two more on the top appearing underneath the gums
  • dances and stomps all around all of the time
  • will point to his nose when you ask where it is
  • loves reading; it's his favorite activity
  • can climb up onto almost everything if it's the right height (such as the couch, yikes!)
  • runs around the house kicking and throwing his balls
  • can dribble his big ball twice

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