Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Deja Vu?

Do I have a wee little newborn again? These last few days it's almost as though Jeffrey has day and night all mixed up again. Actually, it's worse than he was a newborn because that wasn't ever too much of an issue for us. Thankfully, last night went better than the night before (where he slept from 9-12pm and then was awake until SEVEN AM!). Last night, he was only up for an hour in between his sleeping blocks (12pm-11am) Thank goodness Jony is off this week. He's the one that stayed up with him. Why? It's his fault. We went to a Christmas party Saturday night. We already knew we'd be staying late and that it would mess him up a bit, but he can sometimes stay up until 11pm on his own accord, so we figured he'd be fine. He was ready to go home about midnight, but someone had been drinking and kept us there until a little after 1am. There was too much activity for Jeffrey to get some snooze there, so he played and snuggled until we left. He's been taking epic naps (it's currently been 2.5 hours), but today's is a few hours earlier than yesterdays. By the end of the week, we should hopefully be back to normal. He has to get up for gym tomorrow morning, so that will definitely help. Especially since he is exhausted afterwards and usually takes a nap immediately. These past few nights have for sure proven how far we have actually come with Jeffrey's sleep!

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