Monday, December 27, 2010

A Very Merry Christmas

We had an amazing Christmas this year- far different than the barely surviving, clogged duct exhaustedness from last year! Although, we're still exhausted. Poor little lad decided that the holidays are a perfect time to work on two more of those top teeth. Yuck. Besides our (lack of) sleep, it was so much fun seeing Christmas through the eyes of a one year old! He was in awe of everything and was so excited to be around all of the family. He just soaked it all in. It was a hectic two days with lots of people and craziness around him, but he took it all in stride and just went along with it all. He was so much fun to be around!

Highlights from Christmas 2010:
1. nursing him in the morning with everything all quiet and peaceful; he just looked up at me and was so perfect looking the whole time
2. seeing his face/reaction when he saw his Santa gifts
3. watching him play with all of his new gifts
4. seeing him chow down on my FIL's famous french toast. He LOVED it.
5. watching him and my niece run around and be ridiculous in all of the wrapping paper, cracking up the whole time

We got some amazing gifts that will keep on giving throughout the year (another semester of The Little Gym for Jeffrey, Children's Museum membership, gift certificate for massages, Costco membership, Home Depot gift cards, etc). We are very blessed and thankful after such a wonderful Christmas.

To prove how blessed and thankful Jeffrey is (along with spoiled and loved), here's a photo of Jeffrey with all of his loot. He made out like a bandit, and we're going to be spending Jony's week off reorganizing our house to make room for all of it!

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Lil'Misa said...

wow he did make out. Looks like a fabulous Christmas!