Friday, February 18, 2011

2 Year Anniversary

(it was actually yesterday, but whatever)

It has officially been two years without my period! Who would have ever thought that when she showed up on 2/11/2009 that it would be her last visit for such a long time! Granted, her cousin did make a pit stop for quite a few weeks post-partum. Other than that, though, I've been all clear! We joke that Jeffrey is not ready to be a big brother yet and has willed it to stay away. Good thing we weren't planning on trying yet! We'll see what's going on this summer when we ARE ready to start. Maybe I'll get my dream and get pregnant on the ovulation before my period starts? 4+ years without one? Heck yes.

I'd like to, first and foremost, thank Jeffrey for being such a great eater. Even at only three (and sometimes two) feedings a day and sleeping through the night, he must be voracious enough to keep AF at bay. I'd also like to thank the two boxes of tampons that are sitting next to the toilet just ready for the inevitable. I keep them there because no doubt I would need them if they weren't there. I also carry one in my purse all of the time. As long as I'm ready, it won't happen. I'm 100% positive she'll make her appearance when I'm not prepared.

Happy AF-less Anniversary to me!

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