Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Successful Valentine

I had an amazing Valentine's Day! My tiniest Valentine woke up in a fantastic mood and wanted to cuddle with me- always the start of a great day. I did have to leave him, though, for my first day of training for a few hours. It wasn't too bad, and I know he had a fantastic time with Grammy and Grandpa. When I got home, he was already asleep. I still got to enjoy two hours to myself, though! He was obviously worn out from lots of outside time in the morning. We spent the afternoon painting a special gift for Daddy's Valentine's gift and playing.

Jony gets an A+: he sent me a super sweet e-mail in the morning, made an AMAZING steak dinner (of which I ate entirely too much) with wine that he surprised me with, let me pass out on the couch after eating because I had stuffed myself so much that I was exhausted, made chocolate covered strawberries AND brought home a heart shaped cookie cake! And a rose bush, because I hate that flowers die. I was very pleased and impressed, as he is usually not the romantic type. I guess he's gotten better now that it's our 9th Valentine's Day together!

A few pictures of our Love Day 2011:

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