Saturday, February 12, 2011

Venturing Back Out

In a whirlwind of a week, it seems that I'm back into the world of having a part time job! If you remember, I was working at Curves while pregnant and went back for about six months after Jeffrey was born. Since it wasn't necessary for me to work, I didn't worry about finding anything else and just focused on staying at home. It's still not necessary financially, but I was starting to feel like I needed a little extra something. Something that I could feel a sense of pride in besides just my home life with Jeffrey. I figure it might help people stop asking me when I'm going back to work and it will for sure make sure that I'm able to stay at home for a much longer time. A little extra cash never hurt anyone, either!

It'll be a little hectic for a few weeks while I'm training (starts Monday! craziness) in regards to childcare for the little man. I have two grandmas (and grandpas, if needed) that are more than willing to help out. Once I get a set schedule, it should be much easier. I'm hoping that it will line up with MDO for next fall, as well. I'll get more info on Monday. It's got some pretty awesome benefits for me AND Jeffrey and should be a fun and rewarding little job for me to do! I'm pretty excited about it, although it will be hard to let go of the carefree scheduling of the full time SAHM.

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