Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bathroom: A Week Later

2 weeks in, and there's not a whole lot more to show for it than there was last week (although it is cleaner!). Shipping time got in the way. With the decision to do the plumbing overhaul came the need to order all the new stuff that is needed to do such a thing. So, we waited. A lot ending up getting done, but most of the work was up in the attic. So, the weekly pictures are not so exciting. You can see that the pipes are all finished up and ready to have two (as opposed to the original one) sinks and can see where the new pipes (called pex?) are hanging down ready to be connected to the water line. We have one more shipment that we're waiting on to complete all of the plumbing, so next week will sadly look much like this week. At least things are happening, although it may be much slower than it was supposed to be!

In the past week, we (Jony, lol) have accomplished:

1. finishing the new sink drainage system
2. running all of the new plumbing tubes through the attic and dropping them in the correct locations

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