Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Little Girl

After an evening of hanging out with my niece and her girl cousins and then a day walking around a festival filled with little shops of tu-tus, bows, and cute frilly things, I am publicly admitting that I want a little girl. I'm not a girly girl, but how fun would it be to dress up a daughter in adorable clothes and accessories? I would love it. Jony already has a mini version of himself, and I want one, too. I feel that little pain in my heart whenever I hear people tell Jony that "there's no doubt he's your son!" I feel a sense of pride (because I think Jony is pretty attractive- a good choice for me to clone, if you ask me), but also jealousy. I know that Jeffrey would be an amazing big brother to a little sister. It would be just too much fun.

Don't get me wrong. I want another boy, too. It's hard to have a major preference, and that's a good thing. Given my husband's family history, I'll be a mom of all boys. I would absolutely love that, but it'll be sad to continually pass up those cute little stores. I suppose our bank account will be much fatter, though.

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