Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A week later

It looks crazier than it really is, and it's since been cleaned up. We're feeling really good about how things are going now! It's a bit behind schedule already, but what can you do when you're working around a full time job, naptimes, and bedtime schedules? Our original goal was Easter, but we should for sure be finished by Mother's Day! The main reason for the delay is that Jony decided to do a major plumbing overhaul of the majority of the house. He said it needs to be done, and it's easier to do while it's all exposed. It just so happens that the majority of our pipes are along the wall in that second photo (minus our master bathroom sink and the kitchen sink/dishwasher). We're having to wait for the pex (?) to come in before he can do it, but he has the pipes all cut off (and capped off, no worries!) so that it's all ready to go in once it arrives on Friday. In the meantime, he'll be finishing up the drainage for the sinks since we're putting in two where there used to be only one.

So far, we've accomplished:

1. complete demolition: walls, bath tiles, counters, closet doors, toilet, and floor (along with some pipes, as mentioned earlier)
2. replacing of a few studs and a footer (I made Jony use the pink wood, lol)
3. prep work for new plumbing pipes
4. the starting of the new sink drainage system

We'll see what happens by next week!

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