Friday, June 15, 2012

Graduating from Guppy

Today was the last day of Jeffrey's 2 week everyday swim lessons. Phew. It's been an interesting two weeks,for sure. We were pretty much housebound since we couldn't do anything before the class and then there was nap afterwards. So, Jeffrey has been getting continuously more difficult as the days go on. He gets major cabin fever. Even with a more difficult child, it was most definitely worth it. The difference between Day 1 and 10 is AMAZING. My child can now float on his back completely on his own, get out on his own when he's not on a step, and is starting to actually swim. He has no fear of the water, but he understands that it is important to be safe. It really was money well spent, and Jeffrey absolutely loved it. Since he's the youngest age to go in the pool on their own, he was in the Guppy level class. The skills they had to master in that level was: comfort in the water, puts face in the water, blows bubbles, glides, kicks, row-row arms, assisted back float, rolls over in water, turns and climbs out of pool and retrieves rings. He mastered all of them, so he is moving up to the Goldfish level for his maintenance lessons next week! He'll only be going once a week from here on out, though. Thank Goodness. The plan is to have him in weekly lessons until/through next summer so that he's a fully independent swimmer this time next year! I have no doubts that he will be after seeing him learn so much in such a short time.

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