Monday, September 21, 2009

31 weeks!

It seems like the weeks are flying by now! It's so weird to think that I'm entering my 8th month of pregnancy now. That seems way too close to the end. Even stranger? Christmas decorations are being put out! I'm going to have a baby at Christmas!! We did take up on a deal, though, and bought ourselves an artificial tree. We didn't have one since we lived in an apartment last year, and I refused to allow Jeffrey to go through his first Christmas without a tree. It's still odd to see it sitting in our living room, though (in a box, no worries. It's not being put up until after he's born/after Thanksgiving). I'm worried that time is going to keep going by super fast right now since I'm still busy and then slow down to a halt next month and in November when I don't have nearly as much going on and will be just waiting around for labor.

In exciting nursery news, I finally kicked my lazy butt into gear and started working on some of my projects! I finished the letter that will go on his door and am about halfway through the memo board (just need to put the ribbon and pins on it). I also got his name all painted. Jony is all finished with the door/wall project he's been doing the last month, so he's starting on the frames and shelves for the nursery this week. It may actually start coming together this next weekend!

# of things left to do in the nursery: 12
# of items left to buy: 11- anyone have any suggestions for a lamp?


Rachel H. said...

You are so cute!! It will be here so soon, and I know you'll have all the projects finished!

Mrs.M... said...

I can't wait to see more pics, it's coming along awesome!!! I have the same cubicle thing for Carter's room! We mixed the colors up but used the same green in 2 of them! So funny since we have the same furniture too! I can't believe we are getting so close! I looked at my ticker today and I'm in the 30 something day range!!! CRAZY! I need to post some pics this week! You look great mama!

Mrs.M... said...

I pm'd you some lamp suggestions on our "other board", lol. This one I think matches PERFECT though!