Saturday, September 19, 2009

7 wonderful years!

Today, Jony and I celebrated our 7th dating "anniversary!" They've gone by so quickly, and I couldn't imagine my life without him. It's so cute to think about how we got started...

7 years ago today, I was SO excited when he asked me to officially be his girlfriend. It sounds young and dorky, lol, but that's because it was. Keep in mind- we were in 11th grade. He had already gotten up the nerve to ask me to the homecoming dance a few days before and then decided that he was ready to take the big plunge. We'd been best friends since ninth grade and knew everything about each other (for the most part- we just didn't know that we liked each other, lol)- stayed up late on AIM every night, etc. He had decided that he wasn't going to just date girls just to date them; he wanted to make sure that there was actually a chance at a future before he started anything. This sounds weird, I know, but it's good to note that both of us are a bit mature for our age. I think it has to due with having older parents and growing up with older siblings. So, the summer before 11th grade, things got interesting. I finally got the nerve to admit to him that I liked him, and I got no response from him about it at all. He left the next day for a 10 day vacation to Cape Cod. I figured that I knew what that meant and decided that I would move on, so I started talking more to another guy that I was really good friends with who I knew had a crush on me. We had our annual band kick-off pool party a few weeks later and I had still not had any communication with Jony. Meanwhile, things were starting to progress with boy #2, albeit slowly since it was understood that I was still "getting over" Jony. Seeing me talking/flirting with boy #2 obviously lit a fire, and I heard from Jony that night saying that he had been thinking about having a relationship with me all vacation and wanted to see where it could go. About a month later led us to the day that ironed out our forever dating anniversary! We've since graduated high school and college together, gotten married, bought a house, and are having our first child! There's never been any regrets or any questions- we've never broken up in any regards. I'll always look upon 9/19 with a smile :)

As far as boy #2 goes, I let him down easily. He was hurt, apparently, but we remained good friends throughout high school. We lost touch when we went off to college, but he's a pretty darn successful journalist now. We chat every now and then, and he's super happy for us.

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