Tuesday, July 19, 2011

20 months!

Holy crap. It just seems so unreal. Where did the teens go?!? Goodness.

As hard as it is to admit that my little baby is 20 months old, I am absolutely loving this stage. His verbal skills are booming every day; he's constantly mimicking us and trying to learn new words. He's gotten really good at expressing his opinion and loves when he's given options. He's so easygoing and doesn't cause a big fuss about anything. The biggest struggle is getting him to take his PJ shirt off in the morning and then his regular shirt off in the evening. For some reason, he becomes super attached to his shirts. He's big into possessives and likes everyone to be holding what's theirs at all times. If he finds a phone, he'll take it to the owner. He won't give it to anyone else, either. He's very persistent. This happens most frequently with shoes- a tiny issue when you're already wearing some!

20 month stats:

  • I really should weigh/measure him. He's huge, at least to me. I swear he grows an inch taller every week. 
  • wearing mainly 18 month clothes, along with some 12 month and 2T thrown in the mix
  • only nursing morning and night and still napping and sleeping just as great as before- maybe one wake-up each week
  • just the 12 teeth, but these more frequent wakings are the first signs of teeth for him
  • can point to every body part, including small random ones like weenus (lol). His favorite is armpit.
  • has really exploded in his verbal skills. In just the last month or so, he's learned: baby, little, more, please, milk, color, down, and up. All of these can be used with please for a two sentence word, as well! He also says "nom, nom, nom" when he's eating.
  • calls every letter of the alphabet "B," but he can recognize every letter.
  • can hold up two fingers for 2
  • loves brushing his teeth
  • Favorite Food: Pretzels
  • Favorite Book: Are You My Mother?
  • Favorite Activity: Cars- specifically, lining them up and then moving them to another "parking lot" to line them up again

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