Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nursing a Toddler

It's something I never would have imagined that I would be doing, but here I am. I really can't imagine stopping. It's just made life so much easier. The days are going by quickly, though, I feel like it will all be over soon. In these past few weeks, the afternoon session (aka pre-nap) has been officially dropped. It's so strange because that's the one I was SO nervous about. He would nurse dead to sleep without fail every single day (unless he passed out in the car on the way home). Well, now he doesn't. He was starting to go away from it before our trip, but after 10 days of not nursing in the afternoon and falling asleep in the car, it was over. I attempted the first day we were home- fail. No nap. I was terrified. Well, I tried something new, and it works. Surprisingly well. I lay him down in our bed and just pat his back for a few minutes, and he's out cold. Amazing. We'll be getting him a twin bed of his own very soon so that he can still nap in his own room. So, we're down to just morning and night now. That means I can wear whatever I want during the day, which I haven't yet. I'm not read to give up the nursing tanks/bras! It's nice to know that I can, though. I'm hoping that it helps with my fertility, as well. I had a temp jump yesterday, but it was a false alarm. We'll see what happens from here! It doesn't seem like he'll ever go without these last two sessions, but I felt like that with the naptime nursing, as well.

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