Monday, July 25, 2011

Bathroom Update: Still trucking along...

I've been in denial that we're still working in the bathroom, but we are. Things just keep coming up that keeps us from getting good work done in the bathroom. BUT, we're getting really stinking close. The drywall is up, taped/floated, textured, primed, and the painting has begun! This won't be a super quick process since we're doing a fancy stripe, but it shouldn't be too long. The bathtub is almost completely tiled, as well. It would have been practically done last night, but we ran out of tile. This is the type of luck we continue to have in this project. Providing Jony doesn't have to work (again) this Saturday morning, it will be finished. I'll be working on painting during nap time this week, so we'll hopefully have that finished this weekend, as well. I'm really hoping that we get the sinks and toilet installed on Sunday- for real this time.

This will be the main paint color

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