Thursday, July 21, 2011

Big Boy Bed

We decided, semi on a whim, yesterday to take the front off of Jeffrey's crib and lower the mattress all the way down, thus making it a toddler bed! Since our vacation, he's refused to nap in his crib, so he's been napping in our bed. Going to sleep at night was alright, but it was getting progressively harder. Then, yesterday, when he fell asleep in the car and was moved into his crib, he woke up severely pissed off to be in there. So, we just went for it and figured we could always move it back if it was an epic fail.

So far, it hasn't been.

He went to sleep super easy last, and it was a lot comfier to sit on the floor and pat his back then stand there and lean over the crib. He woke up this morning in a fantastic mood and was SO proud of himself. He kept saying "Effey Big!" And, now? He's napping in his own bed. In his own room. The true tests will be the rest of this nap and then whenever he has a waking in the middle of the night, but I think we'll be able to work through any issues that may arise. I'm fairly confident in saying that Jeffrey has a big boy bed now.

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