Sunday, July 19, 2009

Changes in Progress (hopefully)

J and I have officially decided to switch OBs. We just don't feel that we're going to get the birth we want with our current one-he's too pro-intervention when we're pretty anti-intervention. So, most likely that just wasn't going to work too well. It's a bummer that we'll probably not be delivering at the hospital that's literally less than 5 minutes away, but I'm willing to take a drive to get the birth that I want/deserve. I've got 2 places that I'm going to call and beg for them to take me at this point in my pregnancy tomorrow. Wish me luck!! I know that I'll feel so much better about everything after a switch is made. One of the recommendations is from my Bradley instructor that she used for her first birth, so he can't be too bad! She said he has a "no touch" method, which sounds absolutely perfect. She also recommended a pediatrician for us to check out. Of course, we're going to worry about an OB first, but it's great to have that business card on hand! I love having a Bradley instructor that lives in our neighborhood, lol.

I'll update on these changes that will hopefully be occuring in tomorrow's 22 week post!


Mrs. P said...

Well good luck with the switch! I hope it goes very smoothly for you and they don't hassle you very much about it.

Kismet21 said...

I was going to say something at lunch, but I think you referred me to your dr. when I first got here.

I saw him once....and said hell no. He told me that 80% of his IVF women have c-sections and that I needed to see him weekly because I was an IVF person...he also said that he wanted to do a c-section so I did not have a "twisted baby." He also had many not so nice things to say about people from California.

I am glad you are making a switch!