Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nursery To Do's

J and I were standing in the nursery at the beginning of this weekend and begin to feel horribly overwhelmed. It's still SO far from where we want it to be in just 17 or so (preferably less, as I want to be done with the nursery by 37 weeks) week. To try and get our heads in the game, both organizationally (is that a word?) and financially, I made some lists. We have the list of what we need to do in the nursery and a list for when we're going to buy the rest of the nursery/baby items. I have them written down, but I'm going to list it out here, as well. I'm lazy, and it's an easy place for me to come look if I lose the paper lists. Plus, it'll help me stay on track as far as buying things earlier than planned. I tend to get a little anxious :) Feel free to ignore...

Nursery To Do's: (10/18 remaining)
  1. Paint remaining closet door- DONE
  2. install fan- DONE
  3. change lightswitch to a double/add dimmer switch- DONE
  4. Install window valence
  5. Frame photos and hang- DONE
  6. Finish/hang up name letters
  7. Finish/put up picture board
  8. Set up diaper area (secure changing pad, put up drying clips, and organize diapers/wipes)
  9. Organize closets and hutch
  10. Set up crib bedding
  11. Hang up shelves
  12. Clean windows/storm windows
  13. Replace smoke detector's battery
  14. Replace pulls in closet lights- DONE
  15. Clean stickers off crib (WHY do they even put these on there?!?)- DONE
  16. Polish hutch- DONE

Buying Schedule: (3.5/18 remaining)
  1. Glider/Ottoman (we actually just ordered them, but we're paying for them in August. So, we consider it an "August" purchase)- DONE
-September 1-15:
  1. Framing/custom matting for caterpillar picture above crib- DONE
  2. 4 frames for EC prints- DONE
  3. ribbons/pins/materials for picture board- DONE
  4. Green Mountain Diapers pre-folds (12 newborn/12 small)- DONE
-September 16-30
  1. Closet Organizer/bins- DONE
  2. Lamp- DONE
  3. 3 shelves- DONE
-October 1-15
  1. 2 clips for diaper covers- DONE
  2. Closet light pulls- DONE
  3. Wet bag: trash (2)
  4. Wet bag: "on the go" (2)- one down
-October 16-30
  1. Bookshelf- DONE
  2. KL0 rental
-November (if not purchased off of registry)
  1. Infant car seat- DONE
  2. Stroller
  3. Loveydud- DONE
  4. Baby monitor- DONE

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Stacia said...

You are SO much more organized than I am at this proud! Nice job. :)