Saturday, July 11, 2009

An Eventful Day!

J and I have been looking into cloth diapering and, after doing all of the research, decided that the best approach would be to go to a local place and actually hear about/look at/feel the different options. We did that this morning, and we are sold! We're so excited about a decision that feels so silly to be excited about. We're starting out pretty simple since newborns are so tiny (for the most part, lol) with pre-folds and diaper covers. We got our first stash of pre-folds, some cloth wipes, diaper cream that's okay to use on cloth diapers, and one, itsy-bitsy, adorable cover. I can't wait to get more! We still need to make a decision on what we'll advance to when he's about 3 months, but we've got plenty of time for that!

Also, we have a nursery!! We finally went and picked up all of our furniture today! It's all unloaded and unwrapped in his room- no scratches, dents, or any of that. J will probably be putting the crib together in the next week and then we can really start decorating! My mom's making our crib bedding, and she showed us the quilt top that she has finished. It's so cute and colorful! Once she finishes actually quilting that, then she'll get going on the fitted sheets, crib skirt, and window valence. We made all the final fabric decisions today. It's such a relief having the furniture at home and makes this start feeling a lot more real than it has been.

I'd like to add a little shout-out to the Houston GP girls that were all at our GTG Friday: Insy, Kismet, Lemon, and ZAngel! It was so much fun meeting you all, and I'm looking forward to next time!

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Ameya said...

Yay cloth diapering! I haven't started on my stash yet, but I probbly will pretty soon. All the girls in my cloth diapering communities are really helpful.. though they do warn that cloth is super addicting! So many cute diapers out there ;)