Friday, July 31, 2009

House Woes

There are plenty of things that make owning a house awesome, but there are definitely some downsides to that, as well. For example, when something major breaks, you have to fix it. Now, I live in Texas. I think it's common knowledge that we tend to have some heat down here, and it just so happens to be July. If you were to ask people on the street here what is the most important thing to survive, your answer would be air conditioning. Well, we have the oldest unit that was ever created. I would guess it's the first AC made. Ever. We knew it wasn't going to last too much longer (we just bought the house in January), but we were hoping with all of our might that it would get us through summer. No such luck. It's still running (THANK GOD!), but it is getting all rankity and definitely dying on us. We've started the thrilling routine of getting quotes and such. We're ready to be done with it all and just have our new, pretty, energy-efficient AC all set up and working. It's just going to really suck having to pay for it. Oh well. At least Jeffrey will definitely be nice and cool when we bring him home...

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