Friday, August 19, 2011

21 Months!

We are definitely in the middle of the verbal explosion! He's learning new words constantly, putting two words together (usually big + other word), and saying words with multiple syllables. It's amazing. We can ask him to say a word, and he'll repeat it! It's as though the verbal flood gates we're open, and it's so incredible. I love getting to hear what my little guy is thinking. He's all boy, so those thoughts are usually surrounding cars, trucks, dinosaurs or blocks. Or Coco, our dog. He's doing amazing in his toddler bed, can eat at the table in a regular chair and follows directions. He loves holding hands while he walks, and he's full of opinions. I just love it.

21 month stats:

  • he's about 24-25lbs, according to Wii Plus. No idea about height, but he can reach way farther onto the counter than I would like
  • wearing 24M/2T and 18 month about equally
  • still nursing 2x a day: morning and night
  • napping and sleeping amazingly (in his toddler bed)! He even waits in his bed for us to come get him out.
  • still only 12 teeth
  • probably has at least 50 words, if not 100+; there are no communication problems here, which means we don't have tantrums, either
  • recognizes colors and loves to sort by color. He say all the names of colors, but his favorites are brown and black
  • If you ask to point at a letter in the alphabet, he can
  • counts to three
  • jumps like a champion- even off of 2ft high play buildings. He loves jumping off of his bed or bunny hopping across the floor
  • can scoot like crazy on his scooter and is really getting good at balancing with his balance bike
  • has peed in the potty twice completely on his own
  • will do anything you ask if told he'll get his vitamins or be able to brush his teeth
  • Favorite food: Mango
  • Favorite Book: Truckery Rhymes
  • Favorite Activity: sorting his dinosaurs by size and just all-around playing with them (can also be said for cars and blocks)

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Kristin said...

he is so smart! You are doing such a great job teaching him all these things!