Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back to the Gym

Since we decided to wait on Mother's Day Out, Jeffrey gets the excitement of another year at the Little Gym. Today was his first day back since May. Jony had a morning off, so he decided to use it today to go with us and play with Tiny. As soon as we pulled up, Jeffrey yelled "A-HA" like he's been doing all the time lately when he finds something he's been looking for. He loves it there, and you could tell how excited he was. We got there a little early so he could adjust and get comfortable, but he didn't need it. He climbed up on the chair to watch the bigger kids (which are super old since Jeffrey moved up a level- he's with 19 months to 2.5 years now!). During the class, he was super crazy. He fit right in. The coach/teacher commented that this was a very active class, and that is a major understatement! Lots of fun times ahead, no doubt. He got right back in the swing of things: running, jumping, jumping OFF things, hanging from the bar, walking the beam, etc. He was on 90mph the whole time. Bells, bubbles and balls? He flipped out. He did cry a bit during the parachute, which was odd for him, but he was completely fine when he got to go underneath it. The craziest part, however, was one of the "skills of the week." They climbed up to about 3 feet and then were to choose how to go down. Jeffrey? He jumped. The first time, he asked for my hands. The next 50 times, not so much. For being one of the youngest in the class, he was sure leading the way in daredevilry.

Apparently, he wore himself out. He just finished a three hour nap. I think I'm going to really like Thursdays :)

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