Saturday, August 20, 2011


I'm currently 5 DPO (after ovulating even earlier this month- almost normal! yay!). I'm already starting to feel the excitement, anxiety, nerves and every other emotion that comes with waiting to find out if I'm pregnant or not. This is the first cycle for #2 that I'm really anxious, for a multitude of reasons.

1. It would be awesome if both Jeffrey and his little sibling were both conceived on the third cycle.
2. I wouldn't have to wonder if I need to wean Jeffrey (which I won't do until he's 2) :(
3. I'd love to have a May baby. For one, I'm a May baby. Also, summers are deathly hot here, so it would be nice to not be huge during the massive heat.
4. We had great timing.
5. Mainly, Jony may be working in Dallas for the next 4-5 months. He'd be home on weekends, but the likelihood of getting good timing/getting pregnant would be drastically cut. I'd rather not have to worry about it.

So, we'll see. I'll be upset if it doesn't happen, but it's still early on in our TTC career, and I know that BF is not exactly helping the situation. I'm hopeful, though. If nothing else, I hope my LP is longer than 9 days.

I suppose it's a good thing we're going on a mini vacation next weekend. It'll be a great distraction, if needed.

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