Monday, August 1, 2011

Our Current Challenge

Getting Dressed.

Specifically, changing his shirt. The diaper's always been a semi-struggle, but that's pretty normal. I can usually slip on a pair of shorts relatively easily after that, as well. Shirts, though? Those have become a major pain. It started with just a change every now and then, and now it happens every single time.

What is he doing? Full on meltdowns. As soon as there is mention that it's almost time to change his shirt (as in PJs to regular clothes or vice versa), he begins to flip out. Yelling "no!" and running all around the house trying to evade me. I give him options, he repeats the previous action. Sometimes, he does choose one, but then he runs away yelling. Taking off the shirt starts the major meltdown. Tears, yelling, crying, face turning red, fighting me at every move. Then, there's getting the new shirt on. It's quite the process. I try not to get frustrated, but it's really, really hard. After he's had a few minutes with the new shirt on (and just hugging me while crying), he's just fine and goes about his business.

I've tried distractions, singing, making it a game, watching TV, giving him food, etc. I've offered to have him do it himself, but that doesn't work when he's running in the opposite direction.

He'll take his shorts off by himself with no problem, so what's the deal with shirts?!? I'd love any insight.

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