Tuesday, August 30, 2011

4 weeks!

(actually, yesterday, but what's the fun in having a second if you're not as on top of it as you were with the first? ha)

It still seems shocking, but I feel like I've really settled into the prospect of being pregnant already. I guess it's because I was feeling pretty gross already this weekend. It's been better today, thank goodness, so I'm thinking that the travelling was just too much for body to handle. I was a little worried there! Hopefully, this little squishy takes it easy on me since I still have to wrangle the big brother! The hunt is on to find a midwife since we're most definitely doing a home birth this go 'round. I'm SO excited about it! I can't wait to welcome our new baby in our own home. I love knowing that Jeffrey will be one of the first to meet his new sibling and that he'll be able to be as involved as he wants to be (we'll be inviting my mom to come over with him). I'll probably start calling a few today or tomorrow to get some initial interviews set up. I'd like to get a choice made by the end of the first trimester.

Jeffrey seems to be pretty excited about having a baby coming. When you ask where the baby is, he points to my belly and then exclaims "Effey Big" (translated- Jeffrey is the Big Brother). Adorable. Last night, while doing his nightly good-night kisses, he wanted to kiss the baby. So, my belly is now included in the nighttime routine.

I'm so excited to be beginning on this journey again. It'll be our little secret for a few weeks, at least, and then I'll be able to shout it to the world.

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Kristin said...

This is so wonderful! I love reading about your pregnancy and how J reacts to it bc he is the age that we want James to be when I hopefully get pregnant again :)