Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Day in the Capital

We found out late late last week that Jony's work was hoping that he would be willing to get to Austin for some interviews at UT that Monday. Since they were covering th hotel costs, we figured why not?!? I didn't have any plans, so we packed up and left Sunday early afternoon towards the lovely Austin, TX.

Since we didn't have anywhere we needed to be until Monday morning, we took our time getting there. There's a pretty awesome outlet mall about an hour out, so we decided to stop there for lunch and to get Jeffrey some shoes. Since his old Robeez had worn out, we figured it was a sign. We knew we needed to get some shoes for outdoor wear, as well, since he was really starting to walk. It was a beautiful day, so we ate outside. Jeffrey LOVED that.

We got to Austin and settled into our swanky hotel right on the UT campus. We lounged around in the room for a bit so Jeffrey could get his play on and then decided to just walk around a little bit- both to just see the campus a bit and to test out Jeffrey's new kicks.

For dinner, I went and say one of my greatest friends who abandoned me and moved to this crazy place (it's actually a really cool city that really fits into Jony and I's lifestyle). It was so good to see her, and I'm looking forward to being in her wedding in January (even if that's the reason that she left me).

Monday, Jeffrey and I just lounged around the hotel and on the green in front of the belltower on campus. A lazy day with gorgeous weather. We even got videotaped by an amateur filmmaker student just interacting outside. Pretty interesting. We were able to have lunch and dinner with Jony.

After dinner, we attempted to go to Zilker Park to play. Jeffrey, however, passed out on the way, and the park was all closed up to set up for ACL (Austin City Limits- kind of a big deal there) anyways. We had to stop about an hour later for Jeffrey to nurse. So, we did his bath routine (sans the bath, obviously) in the car. Including his bedtime story. He fought going back to sleep, but, with the help of some Veggie Tale friends and the iPhone, he passed out.
Overall, a fun and relaxing trip. Even though we really didn't do anything, it was fun to accompany Jony on his business adventure. Much better than the alternative of just staying home by ourselves and doing nothing!

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