Tuesday, October 5, 2010

These shoes were made for walking...

We had an impromptu trip to Austin this weekend for a business venture (another post about that coming soon), but we had an even bigger adventure on our way up there! There's a really nice outlet mall along the road that heads towards the capital of TX, so we decided to break up the journey a bit/wear the little guy out so that he could sleep the rest of the way there. While there, we got Jeffrey his first pair of actual shoes. He's been sportin' the Robeez for quite a few months now, and we're a really big fan of those. However, his cute little puppy shoes had the elastic break in one of them. It was a sad day. We took it as a sign that we needed to hit the shoe store, especially since he's really starting to pick up on the walking. He was so excited, and I just think it's too adorable. He was measured to be a size 3.5, so we got him a 4. We also got a new pair of Robeez (with aliens on them! adorable!) for when he'll be indoors primarily. He looks like such a little boy in them!!!

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