Monday, October 18, 2010

A Weekend at the Farm

My parents own a farm in East Texas that we get away to every once in awhile. We were actually free this last weekend, so off we went. It's always fun- filled with relaxing on the porch swing, eating good food, and lots of quality time with the family (my parents and my sister's family were there, as well). The boys usually like to wander off and get into trouble: mowing, cutting up trees, etc. Since Jeffrey is not quite ready for all of that yet, he decided to do all that he could back at the house. This weekend just about killed me.We messed with his schedule both Friday and Saturday, so he didn't sleep very well. This makes for a tired baby. A tired baby means a baby that is extremely accident prone. This is what my poor little guy went through:

  • slammed his head down into the concrete porch (he does downward facing dog a lot when he's being shy/coy, and he was excited about my parents' dog paying attention to him so he did it pretty hard)
  • stood up underneath the table and smacked the top of his head since he's too tall for it, apparently
  • fell on top of a fence prop (for photos) and got his thumb stuck in the part that folds, skinned his knee, and got a long scratch on his forearm
  • fell on the corner of a shoe box and got a big scratch above his eyebrow (right underneath the big scab from the concrete incident)
  • other smaller, miscellaneous normal falls
He's also teething, poor thing. That fourth tooth is just about to pop through the skin. So, it was a rough weekend for him. He, however, managed it all quite well and still had a fantastic time. He loves being outside, so it was a great time for him in the big field with the two dogs and his cousin. I, on the other hand, am still recovering.

his concrete boo-boo: before it scabbed over and was joined by the eyebrow scratch

It doesn't help that today he ran into his room and climbed underneath his crib. He then hit his head when trying to stand up and scraped off his scab. I had to pull out a crying little baby (not easy. at all) from underneath the crib and tend to his bleeding head. Ugh. 
crawling under his crib, right before the craziness occurred 

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