Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Poop Incident

Every night, as part of his nighttime routine, Jeffrey gets a few minutes of naked time. We're big proponents of naked time because it's just too dang adorable to watch those little buttcheeks run down the hall. Sometimes, it's just the short stroll from his room to his bathroom (bath is the next step), but sometimes it's a bit longer. Such was the case on Tuesday night. He'd finished nursing, but Jony was still doing something and wasn't quite ready to get the bath ready. So, I just stripped him down and let him go. I was planning on showering during bath and story time so that Jony and I could watch Glee together after the wee one was in bed, so I went to get my stuff together. Every so often, Jeffrey would come visit me to see what was going on. I also heard him playing with our bathroom door and the door jam. About five minutes later, I was ready to get in the shower and Jeffrey's bath was all set up and ready to go. Then, I saw something real nasty looking on the perch into our shower. I made Jony investigate. It was poop. Just a tiny piece, though, so we knew there had to be more. We found another small piece on the floor in the bathroom. We checked his booty and verified that a poop had definitely occurred. He had his first wipe with actual toilet paper at that time. Then, the search begin. Luckily, we found it pretty quickly. It seems he hadn't been just playing with the door jam. It was a pretty hilarious experience. I'm pretty happy that I saw that tiny little piece because who knows how long it would have taken to see those little turdlets behind our bedroom door?!? I was excited afterwards that he peed all over the bathroom floor. Why? That means that there wasn't also a puddle somewhere randomly in the house.

So, there we have our first poop incident. A nice little foreshadowing of things to come in our potty training future!

In case you're wondering, I DO have a picture of the poop. I'll save you from that, but, yes, we're those parents. Our only regret is that he's not in the picture. It could have been great for a senior slide show ;)

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