Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

That was me last year. 37 weeks pregnant and pretty dang miserable. Halloween was a rough day. I was really sick and wanted to throw up and nothing I could do could help me feel better. I would just get these waves of nausea. I realized a few days later that I had dropped and the top of my belly hurt from being pulled down so much. That's also when I started to really have contractions. I'm pretty certain that's when I went into labor- yes, three weeks before he was born. I was freaking miserable those last few weeks. 

This year, though? Super fun! I wasn't just lying around on the floor with a trash can next to me. We were out and about and enjoying the Halloween activities (well, we also grocery shopped in the morning, lol). We took Jeffrey to the Halloween Carnival at The Little Gym and then trick-or-treating at our parents' house. We also did a few of the houses on my parents' street since it was so done up for the holiday. Kids EVERYWHERE. Jeffrey loved it! I'd call it a success for his first Halloween. His first Halloween also marks the last of his first holidays. Next up: his 1st birthday (holycrapit'snovember). Wow.

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