Monday, November 29, 2010

Jeffrey's Big Day

I figured it was time to talk about Jeffrey's actual first birthday. Jony took the day off of work so that we could have loads of family time. Of course, being the Friday before Thanksgiving, his work was having their annual potluck Thanksgiving lunch. So, we went to that. Jeffrey enjoyed some good food and lots of fun playing ball with Jony's coworkers and their children. I didn't make it last year (obviously), so it was fun to go. It was surreal for Jony to remember going with his hospital bracelets on last year just twelve hours after becoming a father (note: I told him to go and get himself some good food. Remember the ridiculousness that was the swine flu? Well, we could only have two people in the room anyways, so he might as well have gone there instead of the hallway). After such an exciting lunch that occurred exactly during normal napping hours, an exhausted birthday boy took an almost three hour nap. We took the well rested Tiny to the Downtown Aquarium. He LOVED it. He loves fish and the white tiger they have there was a plus. It was the perfect place to take him. I loved seeing him staring into the tanks signing "fish" over and over again. We picked up some Chic-Fil-A on the way home, being his favorite meal and all, and went back home to eat and have a cupcake. The chunker ate his entire nugget meal, fruit cup, AND a good portion of his cupcake. We got him all dressed for bed and let him play himself out instead of doing the normal bedtime routine so that we could get a picture of him on his birth minute awake instead of asleep. Amazingly, he decided to come give me a hug at that moment. So perfect. A stroll in the wagon closed out the day.

It was a great birthday.

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Kismet21 said...

Happy birthday Jeffery!