Sunday, November 21, 2010

12 Months Old! (aka One Year!)

It has come. I have a one year old little boy. From a squishy little newborn just one year ago, I now have an independent, determined, headstrong and confident toddler. He's learning new things every single day and is constantly amazing me at all of the things he can do. If he decides he's going to figure something out, get ready. Because he will. Sometimes he'll ask for some assistance, but most of the time he's on his own. He seems to have inherited some of his personality traits from his mama (or mom, according to Jeffrey. He's very proper, it seems). He's super fun, hilarious, and a joy to be around. He is always making everyone around him smile, and he knows how to play a crowd. All in all, he's the best little one year old I could hope for.

12 Month Stats:

  • about 21lbs and 30 inches (approximately- appointment is on Monday)
  • wearing clothes ranging from 9 month to 18 month.
  • Sleep is overall pretty good right now, although he's been waking up once the last few nights. Darn the growth spurts. He's even slept ALL the way through the night a few times (9-8am!!!). He's for sure down to just one good nap.
  • He's still a great eater, and it's obvious that nursing is now the supplement instead of vice versa. He ranges from only eating a few bites to downing an adult size meal at times. Meat is still the favorite, then fruit, then veggies (however, peas are ranked above most fruits)
  • beginning to show an interest in silverware and bowls
  • can drink from a cup (sometimes)
  • 4 teeth
  • running around, walking in circles, and walking backwards (only a bit, though)
  • can now sign: please, ball (and does so ALL the time), monkey, fish, elephant and much more. 
  • actual speaking seems to be starting up, although there are no more real words besides "uh-oh"
  • can do all the shapes on his sorting toy, but we have to show him which hole it is sometimes
  • can climb on and off his riding toys
  • is beginning to be able to show you where his nose is; he loves to flirt with himself in the mirror
  • is now pointing! This skill has really improved his interest in reading and being able to identify items as well as what has sparked his signs


SweetNiki said...

Jeffrey is such a big boy now!! Still can't believe he is a year old!

You won an award over on my blog, go check it out :)

mrs.g said...

Aww, I can't believe little Jeffrey is a YEAR OLD!How time flies! Congrats on your BIG SMART BOY!