Monday, November 22, 2010

12 Month Appointment

If asked today how Jeffrey feels about being one, he would say "It sucks." Today was not a great day for my little guy.

Overall, his well-baby exam went very well. He's developing ahead of track (well into the 18 month milestones, besides verbal) and is healthy and happy (and ear infection free!). Everything is perfect. He's developing, size-wise, into the little boy that we expected him to be. Long and lean. He's in the 10th percentile for weight, the 59th for height, and the 26th for head circumference. He's all over the place.

After the exam, though, came the shots. We got three of them today. Total suck. He wasn't a fan while they were occurring (obviously), but he calmed down pretty quickly afterwards. He could have moved on from that ordeal if he didn't have to go and get tested for anemia. Yup, poor tot had to go have his blood taken. Since he's a big boy now, they first tried going through his arm since that would be faster to get the blood out. After trying for what seemed like forever, they decided to give up on that route and just do the finger prick. Poor baby cried so hard during that ordeal. I know that sucks since I just went through that two nights ago. He reacted better to the finger prick, although he was upset, but it just takes so darn long. I'm fairly positive that the gauze bandage was more annoying to him afterwards, though. It was supposed to stay on for about 15 minutes, so I let him walk through the hospital towards our car to distract him. I managed to keep it on him 10 minutes before it was yanked off. Thankfully, the bleeding had stopped. I should mention that his band-aids from his shots stayed on no more than five minutes. The first one was off before we left the exam room. Not a fan, it seems.

So, we're now home waiting to see if we have any reactions from the shots (said it would be about 24-48 hours AND 7-10 days. Lame). Not such a great thing when I'm feeling under the weather, too. Daddy may have to deal with a mommy AND baby with fevers.

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