Saturday, November 20, 2010

Goals Met

I met a lot of personal goals yesterday, so I'm taking a moment to be pretty proud of myself.

1. I didn't cry yesterday. I got close, but I held strong.
2. I officially breastfed my baby for his entire first year.
3. Jeffrey never had any formula.
4. Aunt Flo is still MIA.
5. I was able to stay at home with him his entire first year.
6. I survived a year with a baby who thinks sleep is lame.
7. More importantly, my marriage survived the first year with a baby who thinks sleep is lame.

I'll be posting the official "12 month" post in the next day or so. Forgive me while I postpone it ;)

1 comment:

mrs.g said...

CONGRATS on BF'ing for a whole year!! That is such a GREAT accomplishment! I hope to do the same. Go get yourself a nice treat, you deserve it mama!!

ps. James thinks sleep is for the birds too.