Sunday, November 21, 2010

How I Spent Last Night...

9pm: arrive home from birthday dinner for Jeffrey and my dad, and Tiny goes to sleep. Easy peasy. No fuss.
11pm: In bed, passed out
2:30am: wake up to extreme chills and notice that my left boob hurts.
3am: Chill are getting worse. I'm a bit freaked out. I wake up Jony, who is also a bit freaked out by the fact that I'm practically convulsing constantly do the extreme chills. He takes my temperature: 99', so not super high.
3:10am: Chills are getting even worse. Jony wakes up Jeffrey to come and see if him clearing the clog will help. Thankfully, I can nurse lying down because Jony still had to help since I was shaking so bad.
3:20am: Jeffrey is passed out and put back in bed. We bust out the pump to see if that will help some more.
3:25am: With a pump on my left boob and a trashcan in my right hand, I proceed to throw up numerous times. With that, Jony makes the call to call the OB. We're off to the ER. My MIL comes over to the house in case Jeffrey wakes up (he doesn't. Of course, he sleeps through the night when we can't)
4am: arrive at Triage and officially confuse all the nurses when I let them know my 'baby' is 1. Not very common for a breast infection. Get settled into my room, get temperature taken (still 99), pee in a cup, get all blood removed from my body, and an IV of fluids set up. I start to feel better pretty quickly after I get the IV.
4:30am: They come to collect MORE blood for bacterial cultures or something like that.
6:30am: The doctor returns to tell me that the urine results haven't been returned, but that she's confident that I have mastitis (duh). I get a prescription and get to go home. Finally. I've gotten a bit of rest at the hospital since the chills have stopped, but I wasn't very comfortable there. My fever officially hit: 101'
7am: Arrive home at the same time as my mom, who has come to relieve my MIL and watch Jeffrey (who just woke up) so that we can sleep. I nurse him and hit the bed after popping an Advil.

The rest of today I've been just being lazy. I'm still feeling pretty weak, and my boob is still pretty tender. Jeffrey's doing a great job of nursing it out, though. I have to say that I did NOT expect to have to deal with anything like this after breastfeeding for a year already.

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Kismet21 said...

That sounds terrible. I am glad you are feeling better and I hope Jeffery can clear the clog for you soon.