Monday, October 25, 2010

Time to Catch My Breath

Our weekends have been SO hectic lately, and I love it. I've always been one to thrive on being way too busy, and Jeffrey is at such a great age that it's easy to do that. When you have a walker, all sorts of new doors open up! He can now do anything he wants- play outside, truly play at the playground, go wherever he wants to go to explore, and I don't have to just hold him or carry him around. Mr. Independent is even more independent now. He's also Mr. Social with a calender that's more full than mine could ever be. My 11 month old has made more friends than me in 24 years, lol.

Friday night was date night, and we finally tackled the first date of The Great Date Experiment. It was SO much fun and so needed. We had great conversation (that didn't involve Jeffrey, for the most part!) and truly enjoyed each other's company. I'd highly recommend participating. We can't wait for the second date- hopefully sometime within the next month! With Jeffrey not nursing as much and eating solids so well, it's so much easier for us to just drop him off at the grandparents and have ourselves a good time. Did I mention how much I love this age?!?

Saturday morning was low-key, but in the afternoon the three of us decked ourselves out in purple and (along with my dad) headed out to the Battle of the Piney Woods, which is one of the oldest football rivalries in TX between Stephen F. Austin (where Jony and I went) and Sam Houston. It was a great game, and Jeffrey loved all the people and music and excitement. I searched high and low for a purple shirt for him and the ONE onesie that I managed to find without ruffles or sequins ended up being perfect! We even ironed on "Go Jacks!" to really get him in the spirit. He's a lucky charm, too, because we won! My mom made us a celebratory roast, and Jeffrey got to chase his MeMaw around all night.

Sunday? Phew. Sunday was busy. It started with working in the church nursery, which Jeffrey loves. He has a 3 year old buddy there that he adores. They were making car noises the whole time together. Adorable. Then, lunch with my mom and dad. That afternoon, Jeffrey and I were off to one of his good friend's 1st birthday parties. He had so much fun with the balloons (he managed to sit on one and pop it, haha!) and munching on strawberries, crackers, and grapes. From there, we met Jony at a friend's birthday BBQ. By the time we all got home last night, we were exhausted. Thus, Jeffrey has managed to skip bath time three nights in a row. Little stinky is definitely going to get scrubbed tonight!

After a long and busy weekend, it's nice to get back to the somewhat slower paced week.

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