Saturday, March 19, 2011

16 Months!

Whoa. Didn't he JUST turn 15 months? Time has been flying by. Jeffrey has been keeping us on our toes, and we've been super busy with lots of activities. 16 month olds are super fun and are always up for new experiences! It is so much fun watching him explore and learn all on his own. He's either extremely active and all over the place: running, climbing, jumping, etc. or super calm and just wants to sit on your lap and read books. Both are equally awesome, although I prefer the ladder to take place a little more since the active part of him is very exhausting!

Personality and stubbornness have been the key words for the past month. Boy has opinions, that's for sure.

16 Month Stats:

  • 22 lbs 4oz and about 31 inches
  • wearing 12-18 month clothes
  • sleeping all night and having good, consistent naps (providing teeth are behaving)
  • 7 teeth! A big jump from last month: we have the top top ones through (finally) and a "friendly" new molar. We've got another top molar coming through and there's a spot getting a bit swollen where a bottom molar belongs. Yikes.
  • can use both a fork and spoon all on his own with relatively little mess (sometimes)
  • is adding a new word at least once a day. His favorite new word is "that?" when asking "what's that?"
  • spins in a circle
  • can dunk a ball (as well as chunk it full force at your face...)
  • can climb up a ladder and go down the slide on his own 
  • starting to jump on his own (as in get some air time instead of just pretending to jump)
  • knows how to wait to 3
  • favorite food: fruit gelatin cups (got us through the teething hell we just went through)
  • favorite activity: jumping off of anything holding onto our hands

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