Friday, March 4, 2011

Time For A Change

My closet is pathetic. It's truly one of those cases where there is a ridiculous amount of clothes but nothing to wear. It's time to change that. Since I had planned on being in the education field (and was for a short time), I have a decent amount of professional clothes. It's the everyday wardrobe that kills me. You could call my style "college chic," but it's really not chic at all. I haven't really gotten new clothes since I was in college (maybe even before, really). So,  very little of it is age/life point appropriate. My plan is to completely purge everything I don't wear/want/need a la "What Not To Wear" and start over. I'm hoping to be able to sell at least some of it back to a consignment store. The rest will go into a garage sale. I'll then use that money to go towards a new wardrobe that's more fitting for my current life. I might need some help with that, though. Fashion and I don't really get a long. I need a personal shopper!


Kristin said...

me too! I wear a nursing tank and gym pants every day but when we go out it takes me forever to find something and I am SO picky. I hate shopping. Good luck!

Kristin said...

oh, Kristin = mrs.g from