Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Great Bathroom Adventure

After months of talking about it, planning for it, and walking around home improvement stores countless amounts of times, it is finally upon us. We are remodeling our guest bathroom (Jeffrey's bathroom). It is so lovely now (gag) with it's blue cloudy tile and pink grout. Yup, the previous owners took the time to paint the grout in the whole bathroom pink. That's the walls, bathtub AND floor. People had too much time on their hands, apparently, to go along with their complete lack of taste. It's going to be a fairly extensive project, but we're DIYing it. Jony is very handy, and I take direction well. I'm pretty excited about having a bathroom I won't be embarrassed to let guests use!

Yesterday marked Day 1: Demolition. It started off a little shaky, but we got on track in the afternoon. We weren't able to get as much as we'd wanted to done since Jeffrey took an epic nap and then I had a MNO planned already, but we did a good amount. We'll be pretty close to finishing up all of the demolition tonight. I plan on taking a picture every night to track the progress.

As for our plans, this is what we'll be doing:

  1. new floors
  2. drywalling the wall/paint
  3. new counters/sinks: 2 instead of one (involves plumbing work)
  4. re-tiling the bathtub
  5. refinishing the closet
  6. new light
  7. cutting mirrors into two
  8. new toilet
  9. getting a linen shelf/closet thing
  10. all new bathroom accessories: shelves, hooks, toilet paper holder, towel racks, etc.
I'm excited to see the finished product! By our timeline, it should be complete by Easter. 

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