Monday, March 14, 2011

Rough Times

Today will not be ranked in the top 10 of Jeffrey's best days in his life. Nowhere near. Poor kid has all sorts of stuff working against him:

1. a borderline sick mommy. This means a mommy that is not really present and able to give as much of herself as normal because she's just too exhausted and feels crummy

2. a limp: Jony was helping him jump down some stairs on Saturday night when Jeffrey decided to take the bottom two on his own. He landed on the side of his left foot, and he's been limping ever since. Makes my heart hurt to see him walk, poor kid. He has an appointment tomorrow and is supposed to stay off of his feet as much as possible.

3. teething: Just randomly, I decided to take a plunge into Jeffrey's mouth and found one molar that's already popped through and another one right on the verge on the other side.

4. a fever: see #3

5: a runny nose/congestion: see #3

Poor baby. I hope the week ends better for him than it's started.

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