Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Agreement

With the return of Aunt Flow and the potential of being fertile, the concept of having a second baby has been on my mind a lot. It's hard not to when you know you want another one, the timing works, and you have to go to the bathroom every so often to change your tampon (ie: reminding you that your body is now ready to get pregnant). At this point, if I was to get pregnant today, Jeffrey would for sure be two years old when #2 was born. Exactly what we wanted. That means it was time for an official talk with the Baby Daddy.

Jony's thoughts? He's 100% on board with having another baby. The actual aspect of getting pregnant and having a second child is not scary to him in the least (or, at least, no more than is normal!). The only thing he has hesitations about is our sex life, and he's afraid to shake it up again with another pregnancy. I completely agree with him on this point, and I know that I have not done my best to "hit the sheets" nearly as much as I could have. So, we reached an agreement (I wouldn't say compromise because we both had the exact same idea):

We will be trying for #2 as soon as we use up all of the condoms left in the house. It should be just the kick I need to seduce my husband much more often. My biggest issue with sex is that I just don't think about it. Another baby? I think about that all the time. Now, when I do, I'll remember the agreement to be able to get that second baby. The more I think about it, the more often it will occur. Makes sense, no?

In case you're wondering, the magic number is 20. I plan on making it 19 tonight ;)

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Renae said...

You need a "Count down to #2" on your sidebar, where it says 0 down 20 to go, or something. lol!