Wednesday, May 18, 2011

6 months?!?

6 months until we head back to the Pediatrician. 6! That's SO far away, and I cannot believe it. He'll be 2 years old. Blows my mind.

Today, Jeffrey had his 18 month appointment, and, as usual, he blew it out of the water. He's doing amazingly (which we knew) and growing so well! He even got 2 stickers for being such an awesome kid. He was really stinking excited about that. Our pedi was really impressed with him, especially since she had to go into the 2 year old developmental checklist before she found something that he can't do (saying 50+ words- we're nowhere near that yet!).

The biggest shocker of the appointment was the measurement. We knew he's gotten taller since 15 months due to the growing amount of reach that he has, but I was taken aback by exactly how much: almost FOUR inches. He's now 23lb 10oz and 34.75inches. All the people that were worried about his not being as tall as they though he should be (Jony is 6'4'') can all rest easy now.

He had one shot and didn't react at all. It was actually pretty strange. He just sat up afterwards and pointed to the band-aid and said "sticker." The NP was semi-freaked out by his non-reactive nature and joked if she'd actually had a needle in the shot, lol.

So, six months until the next visit. Very strange.

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